Troubleshooting and Help

Support Community

There is also an active support community at:

Github - Bugtracker

How to file a bug

  • Go to our issue tracker on GitHub:
  • Search for existing issues using the search field at the top of the page
  • File a new issue including the info listed below
  • Thanks a ton for helping make Brackets higher quality!

When filing a new bug, please include:

  • Descriptive title - use keywords so others can find your bug (avoiding duplicates)
  • Specific and repeatable steps that trigger the problem
  • What happens when you follow the steps, and what you expected to happen instead.
  • Include the exact text of any error messages if applicable (or upload screenshots).
  • HumHub version (or if you're pulling directly from Git, your current commit SHA - use git rev-parse HEAD)
  • Did this work in a previous version? If so, also provide the version that it worked in.
  • OS/PHP/MySQL version
  • Modules? Confirm that you've tested with Debug > Reload Without Extensions first (see below).
  • Any errors logged in Debug > Show Developer Tools - Console view

Cron Job Setup

  • Do you have access to setup Cron Jobs?
  • Does your server use Cron or Crontab?
  • Does your server use a third-party Cron Job provider?
  • Are you using VPS or Dedicated/Shared/Other Hosting?
  • Can you provide screenshots of your Cron Job settings? (With personal information blurred out!)
  • What type of server are you using? (CloudLinux CentOS 6, Windows IIS, or etc)

Note: For more help refer to here!

Direct Support (Enterprise Edition only)

As Enterprise Edition user you can create direct support inquiries at: Administration -> Enterprise Edition -> Support.

If you have problems related to the installation, please contact us at: