Manual Update

Warning: Prior to an HumHub update, please check the compatibility of your installed custom modules and theme with the new version. For each version there will be a themeing and module migration guide available:

Additional update notes for older versions:

Warning: Always backup your data before updating! See: Backup Chapter

  1. Delete your current HumHub installation (Don't forget to make a backup as mentioned above, you will need these files later!)
  2. Download the latest HumHub package from and extract the package to your web-root
  3. Restore the following files from backup:

    • /uploads/*
    • /protected/runtime
    • /protected/config/*
    • /protected/modules/* (if any)
    • /themes (if there are any custom themes - except HumHub default theme)
  4. Run database migration tool

Note: After a manual update you should also check for available module updates under Administration -> Modules -> Avilable Updates.

cd protected
php yii migrate/up --includeModuleMigrations=1
  1. Update installed marketplace modules
cd protected
php yii module/update-all