Streams / Walls


  • Define Streaming/Wall

You can also implement Creanown Stream/Wall output for your module content only.

Example Implementations:

  • Tasks
  • Polls

Of course your modules Content implementation needs to provides a WallEntry widget. See Content Section for more details.

Create own Module Content Stream

Implement StreamAction

Derived from humhub\modules\content\components\actions\ContentContainerStream



namespace humhub\modules\polls\components;

use humhub\modules\content\components\actions\ContentContainerStream;
use humhub\modules\polls\models\Poll;

class StreamAction extends ContentContainerStream

    public function setupFilters()
		// Limit output to specific content type
        $this->activeQuery->andWhere(['content.object_model' => Poll::className()]);


Specify Action in Controller


class PollController extends ContentContainerController

    public function actions()
        return array(
            'stream' => array(
                'class' => \humhub\modules\polls\components\StreamAction::className(),
                'mode' => \humhub\modules\polls\components\StreamAction::MODE_NORMAL,
                'contentContainer' => $this->contentContainer

Display Stream

You can use the Stream Widget to display the Stream in your View.

echo \humhub\modules\content\widgets\Stream::widget(array(
    'contentContainer' => $contentContainer,
    'streamAction' => '//polls/poll/stream',
    'messageStreamEmpty' => ($contentContainer->canWrite()) ?
            Yii::t('PollsModule.widgets_views_stream', '<b>There are no polls yet!</b><br>Be the first and create one...') :
            Yii::t('PollsModule.widgets_views_stream', '<b>There are no polls yet!</b>'),
    'messageStreamEmptyCss' => ($contentContainer->canWrite()) ?
            'placeholder-empty-stream' :

Create Content Form

Create Form Widget

Create a Form Widget derived from humhub\modules\content\widgets\WallCreateContentForm

namespace humhub\modules\polls\widgets;

class WallCreateForm extends \humhub\modules\content\widgets\WallCreateContentForm

    public $submitUrl = '/polls/poll/create';

    public function renderForm()
        // Render your custom form here
        return $this->render('form', array());


Create a view file for widget which contains module specific fields. All standard fields (e.g. visibility) are added automatically.

<?php echo Html::textArea("question", "", array('id' => 'contentForm_question', 'class' => 'form-control autosize contentForm', 'rows' => '1', "tabindex" => "1", "placeholder" => Yii::t('PollsModule.widgets_views_pollForm', "Ask something..."))); ?>

<div class="contentForm_options">
    <?php echo Html::textArea("answersText", "", array('id' => "contentForm_answersText", 'rows' => '5', 'style' => 'height: auto !important;', "class" => "form-control contentForm", "tabindex" => "2", "placeholder" => Yii::t('PollsModule.widgets_views_pollForm', "Possible answers (one per line)"))); ?>
    <div class="checkbox">
            <?php echo Html::checkbox("allowMultiple", "", array('id' => "contentForm_allowMultiple", 'class' => 'checkbox contentForm', "tabindex" => "4")); ?> <?php echo Yii::t('PollsModule.widgets_views_pollForm', 'Allow multiple answers per user?'); ?>


Create Action

Create an action in your modules controller to receive form inputs.

All default tasks (e.g. access validation, ContentContainer assignment) are handled by humhub\modules\content\widgets\WallCreateContentForm::create


public function actionCreate()
    $poll = new Poll();
    $poll->question = Yii::$app->request->post('question');
    $poll->answersText = Yii::$app->request->post('answersText');
    $poll->allow_multiple = Yii::$app->request->post('allowMultiple', 0);

    return \humhub\modules\polls\widgets\WallCreateForm::create($poll);

Display Form

Place the Form widget above the Stream widget in your view.


<?php echo \humhub\modules\polls\widgets\WallCreateForm::widget(array('contentContainer' => $contentContainer)); ?>