Class humhub\components\access\GuestAccessValidator

Inheritancehumhub\components\access\GuestAccessValidator » humhub\components\access\AccessValidator » yii\base\BaseObject

Protected Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
extractActions() Extracts actions settings form a given rule. humhub\components\access\AccessValidator
filterRelatedRules() Filters out all rules which are not related to this validator. humhub\components\access\AccessValidator
getRuleName() Extracts the ruleName from the given array. humhub\components\access\AccessValidator
isActionRelated() Checks if the current action is contained in the given $rule. humhub\components\access\AccessValidator

Property Details

$code public property
public $code 403
$name public property
public $name 'guestAccess'

Method Details

run() public method

Responsible for validating the given ruleset.

Related rules may be filtered by means of the filterRelatedRules() function. The whole rule set can be retrieved by calling $this->access->rules.

public boolean run ( )
return boolean

True if validation passed otherwise true