Class humhub\components\rendering\LayoutRenderer

Inheritancehumhub\components\rendering\LayoutRenderer » humhub\components\rendering\ViewPathRenderer » yii\base\BaseObject
Subclasseshumhub\components\rendering\MailLayoutRenderer, humhub\modules\activity\components\ActivityMailRenderer, humhub\modules\activity\components\ActivityWebRenderer
Available since version1.2

A LayoutRenderer subclass can be used to render layout based views by setting the $viewPath and $layout properties.

The $viewPath defines the path where the target view file resides. For a viewable with the viewName 'myView.php' the renderer will render the view:


where viewPath can also be provided as a Yii alias.

The rendered view will be embeded into the given $layout which should point to the layout file and can also be provided as a Yii alias e.g:


Public Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$layout string Layout file path humhub\components\rendering\LayoutRenderer
$parent boolean If set to true the renderer will search in the parents view directory for the view. humhub\components\rendering\ViewPathRenderer
$subPath string A subpath within the view folder used for searching the view e. humhub\components\rendering\ViewPathRenderer
$viewPath string View path humhub\components\rendering\ViewPathRenderer

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
getViewFile() Returnes the viewFile of the given Viewable. humhub\components\rendering\ViewPathRenderer
getViewPath() Returns the directory containing the view files for this event. humhub\components\rendering\ViewPathRenderer
render() If a $layout is given the result will embed the rendered viewFile into the given $layout. humhub\components\rendering\LayoutRenderer
renderView() Helper function for rendering a Viewable with the given viewParams. humhub\components\rendering\ViewPathRenderer

Protected Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
getLayout() Returns the layout file path. humhub\components\rendering\LayoutRenderer
suffix() Checks if the given $viewName has a file suffix or not. humhub\components\rendering\ViewPathRenderer

Property Details

$layout public property

Layout file path

public string $layout null

Method Details

getLayout() protected method

Returns the layout file path.

Subclasses may use the $viewable to determine the layout path.

protected string getLayout ( humhub\components\rendering\Viewable $viewable )
$viewable humhub\components\rendering\Viewable
render() public method

If a $layout is given the result will embed the rendered viewFile into the given $layout.

public string render ( humhub\components\rendering\Viewable $viewable, $params = [] )
$viewable humhub\components\rendering\Viewable
$params \humhub\components\rendering\type