Class humhub\modules\content\controllers\MoveController

Inheritancehumhub\modules\content\controllers\MoveController » humhub\modules\content\components\ContentContainerController » humhub\components\Controller » yii\web\Controller

Protected Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$access string Defines the ControllerAccess class for this controller responsible for managing access rules humhub\components\Controller

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
actionMove() humhub\modules\content\controllers\MoveController
actionSearch() Returns a space list to move a given content to in json It can be filtered by by keyword. humhub\modules\content\controllers\MoveController
appendPageTitle() Append a page title. humhub\components\Controller
beforeAction() humhub\modules\content\components\ContentContainerController
behaviors() humhub\components\Controller
forcePostRequest() Throws HttpException in case the request is not an post request, otherwise returns true. humhub\components\Controller
getAccess() humhub\modules\content\components\ContentContainerController
htmlRedirect() Create Redirect for AJAX Requests which output goes into HTML content. humhub\components\Controller
init() humhub\modules\content\components\ContentContainerController
prependPageTitle() Prepend a page title. humhub\components\Controller
redirect() humhub\components\Controller
renderAjaxContent() humhub\components\Controller
renderContent() Renders a static string by applying the layouts (sublayout + layout. humhub\components\Controller
renderModalClose() Closes a modal humhub\components\Controller
setActionTitles() Set a map that indicates what page title should be shown for the currently active action. humhub\components\Controller
setJsViewStatus() Sets some ui state as current controller/module and active topmenu. humhub\components\Controller
setPageTitle() Set the page title. humhub\components\Controller

Protected Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
checkModuleIsEnabled() Checks if the requested module is available in this contentContainer. humhub\modules\content\components\ContentContainerController
forbidden() humhub\components\Controller
getAccessRules() Returns access rules for the standard access control behavior. humhub\components\Controller


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EventTypeDescriptionDefined By
EVENT_INIT \yii\base\Event An event raised on init a controller. humhub\components\Controller

Method Details

actionMove() public method

public void actionMove ( $id )
actionSearch() public method

Returns a space list to move a given content to in json It can be filtered by by keyword.

public void actionSearch ( $contentId, $keyword )