Class humhub\modules\dashboard\Module

Inheritancehumhub\modules\dashboard\Module » humhub\components\Module » yii\base\Module

Dashboard Module

Public Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$autoIncludeProfilePosts string Profile humhub\modules\dashboard\Module
$controllerNamespace humhub\modules\dashboard\Module
$hideActivitySidebarWidget boolean Hides the activities sidebar widget humhub\modules\dashboard\Module
$resourcesPath string The path for module resources (images, javascripts) Also module related assets like README. humhub\components\Module

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
afterUpdate() Called right after the module update. humhub\components\Module
beforeUpdate() Called right before the module is updated. humhub\components\Module
disable() Disables a module humhub\components\Module
enable() Enables this module humhub\components\Module
getActivityClasses() Returns a list of activity class names this modules provides. humhub\components\Module
getAssetClasses() Returns a list of asset class names this modules provides. humhub\components\Module
getAssetPath() humhub\components\Module
getAssetsUrl() Get Assets Url humhub\components\Module
getConfigUrl() URL to the module's configuration action humhub\components\Module
getDescription() Returns modules description provided by module.json file humhub\components\Module
getImage() Returns image url for this module Place your modules image in /module_image.png humhub\components\Module
getName() Returns modules name provided by module.json file humhub\components\Module
getNotifications() Returns a list of notification classes this module provides. humhub\components\Module
getPermissions() Returns a list of permission objects this module provides. humhub\components\Module
getPublishedUrl() Returns the url of an asset file and publishes all module assets if the file is not published yet. humhub\components\Module
getVersion() Returns modules version number provided by module.json file humhub\components\Module
hasNotifications() Determines whether the module has notification classes or not humhub\components\Module
init() humhub\components\Module
isPublished() Checks if a specific asset file has already been published humhub\components\Module
migrate() Execute all not applied module migrations humhub\components\Module
publishAssets() Publishes the basePath/resourcesPath (assets) module directory if existing. humhub\components\Module
update() This method is called after an update is performed. humhub\components\Module

Protected Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
getModuleInfo() Reads module.json which contains basic module information and returns it as array humhub\components\Module


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ConstantValueDescriptionDefined By
STREAM_AUTO_INCLUDE_PROFILE_POSTS_ADMIN_ONLY 'admin' humhub\modules\dashboard\Module
STREAM_AUTO_INCLUDE_PROFILE_POSTS_ALWAYS 'all' Possible options to include profile posts into the dashboard stream Default/Null: Default, only include profile posts when user is followed Always: Always include all user profile posts into dashboards Admin Only: For admin users, always include all profile posts (without following) humhub\modules\dashboard\Module

Property Details

$autoIncludeProfilePosts public property (available since version 1.2.4)


$controllerNamespace public property
public $controllerNamespace 'humhub\modules\dashboard\controllers'
$hideActivitySidebarWidget public property (available since version 1.3.14)

Hides the activities sidebar widget