Class humhub\modules\file\converter\PreviewImage

Inheritancehumhub\modules\file\converter\PreviewImage » humhub\modules\file\converter\BaseConverter » yii\base\BaseObject
Available since version1.2

PreviewImage Converter

Property Details

$imageInfo public property
public $imageInfo null

Method Details

canConvert() protected method

Returns if the given file can be converted

protected void canConvert ( humhub\modules\file\models\File $file )
convert() protected method

Convert file

protected void convert ( $fileName )
getAltText() protected method

protected void getAltText ( $file null )
getDimensions() public method

public void getDimensions ( )
getHeight() public method

public void getHeight ( )
getWidth() public method

public void getWidth ( )
init() public method

public void init ( )
render() public method

public void render ( $file null )
renderGalleryLink() public method

Returns the gallery link to the original file

public string renderGalleryLink ( $htmlOptions = [] )
$htmlOptions array

Optional link html options

return string

The link