Class humhub\modules\file\widgets\FileUploadButton

Inheritancehumhub\modules\file\widgets\FileUploadButton » yii\base\Widget
Available since version0.5
Deprecated since version since version 1.2

FileUploadButtonWidget creates an upload button / system.

The button uploads files and stores the uploaded file guids to a given hidden field id. The underlying module can use the guids to adobt these files.

The related widget FileUploadListWidget can optionally used to display states of the current upload progress.

Public Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$fileListFieldName string humhub\modules\file\widgets\FileUploadButton
$object \humhub\modules\file\widgets\HActiveRecord humhub\modules\file\widgets\FileUploadButton
$uploaderId String Unique id of this uploader humhub\modules\file\widgets\FileUploadButton

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
run() Draws the Upload Button output. humhub\modules\file\widgets\FileUploadButton

Property Details

$fileListFieldName public property
$object public property
public \humhub\modules\file\widgets\HActiveRecord $object null
$uploaderId public property

Unique id of this uploader

public String $uploaderId ""

Method Details

run() public method

Draws the Upload Button output.

public void run ( )