Class humhub\modules\friendship\notifications\FriendshipNotificationCategory

Inheritancehumhub\modules\friendship\notifications\FriendshipNotificationCategory » humhub\modules\notification\components\NotificationCategory » yii\base\BaseObject

Description of SpaceJoinNotificationCategory

Property Details

$id public property
public string $id 'friendship'

Method Details

getDefaultSetting() public method

Returns the default enabled settings for the given $target.

In case the $target is unknown, subclasses can either return $target->defaultSetting or another default value.

public boolean getDefaultSetting ( humhub\modules\notification\targets\BaseTarget $target )
$target humhub\modules\notification\targets\BaseTarget
getDescription() public method

Returns a group description

public void getDescription ( )
getTitle() public method

Returns a human readable title of this category

public void getTitle ( )
isVisible() public method

Determines if this category is visible for the given $user.

This can be used if a category is only visible for users with certian permissions.

Note if no user is given this function should return true in most cases, otherwise this category won't be visible in the global notification settings.

public boolean isVisible ( humhub\modules\user\models\User $user null )
$user humhub\modules\user\models\User