Class humhub\modules\friendship\widgets\ManageMenu

Inheritancehumhub\modules\friendship\widgets\ManageMenu » humhub\widgets\BaseMenu » yii\base\Widget

Account Settings Tab Menu

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
addItem() Adds new Item to the menu humhub\widgets\BaseMenu
addItemGroup() Adds new Item Group to the menu humhub\widgets\BaseMenu
deleteItemByUrl() Removes Item by URL humhub\widgets\BaseMenu
getActive() humhub\widgets\BaseMenu
getItemGroups() Returns all Item Groups humhub\widgets\BaseMenu
getItems() Returns Items of this Navigation humhub\widgets\BaseMenu
init() Initializes the navigation widget. humhub\modules\friendship\widgets\ManageMenu
markAsActive() Add the active class from a menue item. humhub\widgets\BaseMenu
markAsInactive() Remove the active class from a menue item. humhub\widgets\BaseMenu
run() Executes the Menu Widget humhub\widgets\BaseMenu
setActive() Activates the menu item with the given url humhub\widgets\BaseMenu
setInactive() humhub\widgets\BaseMenu
setViewState() This function is used in combination with pjax to get sure the required menu is active humhub\widgets\BaseMenu


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ConstantValueDescriptionDefined By
EVENT_INIT 'init' humhub\widgets\BaseMenu
EVENT_RUN 'run' humhub\widgets\BaseMenu

Property Details

$template public property

Template file

public string $template "@humhub/widgets/views/tabMenu"
$user public property

Method Details

init() public method

Initializes the navigation widget.

This method mainly normalizes the {@link items} property. If this method is overridden, make sure the parent implementation is invoked.

public void init ( )