Class humhub\modules\marketplace\components\OnlineModuleManager


Handles remote module installation, updates and module listing

Method Details

getCategories() public method

public void getCategories ( )
getModuleInfo() public method

Returns an array of informations about a module

public void getModuleInfo ( $moduleId )
getModuleUpdates() public method

public void getModuleUpdates ( )
getModules() public method

Returns an array of all available online modules

Key is moduleId

  • name
  • description
  • latestVersion
  • latestCompatibleVersion
public Array getModules ( $cached true )
return Array

Of modulles

install() public method

Installs latest compatible module version

public void install ( $moduleId )
$moduleId string
throws \yii\base\Exception
throws \yii\web\HttpException
throws \yii\base\ErrorException
throws \yii\base\InvalidConfigException
update() public method

Updates a given module

public void update ( $moduleId )
$moduleId string