Class humhub\modules\notification\targets\MobileTarget

Inheritancehumhub\modules\notification\targets\MobileTarget » humhub\modules\notification\targets\BaseTarget » yii\base\BaseObject
Available since version1.2

Mobile Target

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
acknowledge() Used to acknowledge the seding/processing of the given $notification. humhub\modules\notification\targets\BaseTarget
getId() Static access to the target id. humhub\modules\notification\targets\BaseTarget
getRenderer() humhub\modules\notification\targets\BaseTarget
getSettingKey() Returns the setting key for this target of the given $category. humhub\modules\notification\targets\BaseTarget
getTitle() humhub\modules\notification\targets\MobileTarget
handle() Used to forward a BaseNotification object to a BaseTarget. humhub\modules\notification\targets\MobileTarget
init() humhub\modules\notification\targets\MobileTarget
isAcknowledged() humhub\modules\notification\targets\BaseTarget
isActive() humhub\modules\notification\targets\MobileTarget
isCategoryEnabled() Returns the enabled setting of this target for the given $category. humhub\modules\notification\targets\BaseTarget
isEditable() Checks if the settings for this target are editable. humhub\modules\notification\targets\BaseTarget
isEnabled() Checks if the given $notification is enabled for this target. humhub\modules\notification\targets\BaseTarget
send() Used to process a $notification for the given $user. humhub\modules\notification\targets\BaseTarget
sendBulk() Used for handling the given $notification for multiple $users. humhub\modules\notification\targets\BaseTarget

Property Details

$id public property
public string $id 'mobile'
$provider public property

Method Details

getTitle() public method

public string getTitle ( )
return string

Human readable title for views.

handle() public method

Used to forward a BaseNotification object to a BaseTarget.

The notification target should handle the notification by pushing a Job to a Queue or directly handling the notification.

public void handle ( humhub\modules\notification\components\BaseNotification $notification, humhub\modules\user\models\User $user )
$notification humhub\modules\notification\components\BaseNotification
init() public method

public void init ( )
isActive() public method

public void isActive ( humhub\modules\user\models\User $user null )