Class humhub\modules\queue\driver\MySQL

Inheritancehumhub\modules\queue\driver\MySQL » yii\queue\db\Queue
Available since version1.2

MySQL queue driver

Public Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$commandClass string Command class name humhub\modules\queue\driver\MySQL
$mutex humhub\modules\queue\driver\MySQL

Property Details

$commandClass public property

Command class name

public string $commandClass = \humhub\modules\queue\driver\MySQLCommand::class
$mutex public property
public $mutex 'yii\mutex\MysqlMutex'

Method Details

getDelayedJobCount() public method

public integer getDelayedJobCount ( )
return integer

The number of delayed jobs in the queue

getDoneJobCount() public method

public integer getDoneJobCount ( )
return integer

The number of done jobs in the queue

getReservedJobCount() public method

public integer getReservedJobCount ( )
return integer

The number of reserved jobs in the queue

getWaitingJobCount() public method

public integer getWaitingJobCount ( )
return integer

The number of waiting jobs in the queue