Class humhub\modules\search\events\SearchAttributesEvent

Inheritancehumhub\modules\search\events\SearchAttributesEvent » yii\base\Event
Available since version1.2.3

This event is used to collect additional search attributes for a record.

The event object holds an reference to the search index attributes. Modules like comments or files can add additional attributes to it.

Public Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$attributes array Reference to the currently added search attributes humhub\modules\search\events\SearchAttributesEvent
$record humhub\modules\search\interfaces\Searchable The searchable record humhub\modules\search\events\SearchAttributesEvent

Property Details

$attributes public property

Reference to the currently added search attributes

public array $attributes null
$record public property

The searchable record

Method Details

__construct() public method

public void __construct ( &$attributes, $record )