Class humhub\modules\space\components\UrlRule

Inheritancehumhub\modules\space\components\UrlRule » yii\base\BaseObject

Space URL Rule

Public Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$defaultRoute string Default route to space home humhub\modules\space\components\UrlRule
$spaceUrlMap array Map with space guid/url pairs humhub\modules\space\components\UrlRule

Property Details

$defaultRoute public property

Default route to space home

public string $defaultRoute 'space/space'
$spaceUrlMap public static property

Map with space guid/url pairs

public static array $spaceUrlMap = []

Method Details

createUrl() public method

public void createUrl ( $manager, $route, $params )
getUrlBySpaceGuid() public static method

Gets space url name by given guid

public static string|null getUrlBySpaceGuid ( $guid )
$guid string
return string|null

The space url part

parseRequest() public method

public void parseRequest ( $manager, $request )