Class humhub\modules\space\widgets\ListBox

Inheritancehumhub\modules\space\widgets\ListBox » yii\base\Widget
Available since version1.1

ListBox returns the content of the space list modal

Example Action:

public actionSpaceList() {
      $query = Space::find();

      $title = "Some Spaces";

      return $this->renderAjaxContent(ListBox::widget(['query' => $query, 'title' => $title]));

Public Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$pageSize integer Displayed users per page humhub\modules\space\widgets\ListBox
$query \yii\db\ActiveQuery humhub\modules\space\widgets\ListBox
$title string Title of the box (not html encoded!) humhub\modules\space\widgets\ListBox

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
run() humhub\modules\space\widgets\ListBox

Property Details

$pageSize public property

Displayed users per page

public integer $pageSize 25
$query public property
public \yii\db\ActiveQuery $query null
$title public property

Title of the box (not html encoded!)

public string $title 'Spaces'

Method Details

run() public method

public void run ( )