Class humhub\modules\ui\menu\WidgetMenuEntry

Inheritancehumhub\modules\ui\menu\WidgetMenuEntry » humhub\modules\ui\menu\MenuEntry » yii\base\BaseObject
Available since version1.4

Class WidgetMenuEntry

Widget based menu entry

See also humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu.

Protected Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$htmlOptions array Additional html options for the link HTML tag humhub\modules\ui\menu\MenuEntry
$id string Menu entry identifier (optional) humhub\modules\ui\menu\MenuEntry
$isActive boolean Mark this entry as active humhub\modules\ui\menu\MenuEntry
$isVisible boolean humhub\modules\ui\menu\MenuEntry
$sortOrder integer The sort order humhub\modules\ui\menu\MenuEntry

Property Details

$widgetClass public property
public $widgetClass null
$widgetOptions public property
public $widgetOptions null

Method Details

renderEntry() public method

Renders the link tag for this menu entry

public string renderEntry ( $extraHtmlOptions = [] )
$extraHtmlOptions array
return string

The Html link