Class humhub\modules\ui\view\components\Theme

Inheritancehumhub\modules\ui\view\components\Theme » yii\base\Theme
Available since version1.3

Theme represents a HumHub theme.

  • Overwrite views When humhub\modules\ui\view\components\View renders a view file, it will check the humhub\modules\ui\view\components\View::theme to see if there is a themed version of the view file exists. If so, the themed version will be rendered instead. See humhub\modules\ui\view\components\ThemeViews for more details.

  • Using less variables Using this theme class you can also access all LESS style variables of the current theme.


$primaryColorCode = Yii::$app->view->theme->variable('primary');
$isFluid = (boolean) Yii::$app->view->theme->variable('isFluid');

See humhub\modules\ui\view\components\ThemeVariables for more details.

Protected Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$parents humhub\modules\ui\view\components\Theme[] The parent themes humhub\modules\ui\view\components\Theme

Protected Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
getActiveParents() Returns the parent themes of the currently active theme. humhub\modules\ui\view\components\Theme
initPathMap() Initialize the default view path map including all parent themes humhub\modules\ui\view\components\Theme

Property Details

$name public property

The name of the theme

public string $name null
$parents protected property

The parent themes

$publishResources public property

Indicates that resources should be published via assetManager

public boolean $publishResources false
$variables public property
$views public property

Method Details

activate() public method

Activate this theme

public void activate ( )
applyTo() public method

public void applyTo ( $path )
getActiveParents() protected static method

Returns the parent themes of the currently active theme.

These parents are stored in the setting variable "themeParents" for faster lookup.

protected static humhub\modules\ui\view\components\Theme[]|null getActiveParents ( )
return humhub\modules\ui\view\components\Theme[]|null

The themes or null

getBaseUrl() public method

public void getBaseUrl ( )
getParents() public method

Returns the base/parent themes of this theme.

The parent is specified in the LESS Variable file as variable "baseTheme".

See also humhub\modules\ui\view\components\ThemeVariables.

public humhub\modules\ui\view\components\Theme[] getParents ( )
return humhub\modules\ui\view\components\Theme[]

The theme parents

init() public method

public void init ( )
initPathMap() protected method

Initialize the default view path map including all parent themes

protected void initPathMap ( )
isActive() public method

Checks whether the Theme is currently active.

public boolean isActive ( )
publishResources() public method

Publishs theme assets (e.g. images or css)

public string publishResources ( $force null )
$force boolean|null
return string

Url of published resources

register() public method

Registers theme css and resources to the view

public void register ( $includeParents true )
$includeParents boolean

Also register parent themes

variable() public method (available since version 1.2)

Returns the value of a given theme variable

public string variable ( $key, $default null )
$key string

The variable name

return string

The variable value