Class humhub\modules\user\components\BaseAccountController

Inheritancehumhub\modules\user\components\BaseAccountController » humhub\components\Controller » yii\web\Controller
Subclasseshumhub\modules\activity\controllers\UserController, humhub\modules\friendship\controllers\ManageController, humhub\modules\notification\controllers\UserController, humhub\modules\user\controllers\AccountController
Available since version1.1

BaseAccountController is the base controller for user account (settings) pages

Protected Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$access string Defines the ControllerAccess class for this controller responsible for managing access rules humhub\components\Controller

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
appendPageTitle() Append a page title. humhub\components\Controller
beforeAction() humhub\components\Controller
behaviors() humhub\components\Controller
forcePostRequest() Throws HttpException in case the request is not an post request, otherwise returns true. humhub\components\Controller
getAccess() humhub\components\Controller
getAccessRules() Returns access rules for the standard access control behavior. humhub\modules\user\components\BaseAccountController
getUser() Returns the current user of this account humhub\modules\user\components\BaseAccountController
htmlRedirect() Create Redirect for AJAX Requests which output goes into HTML content. humhub\components\Controller
init() humhub\modules\user\components\BaseAccountController
prependPageTitle() Prepend a page title. humhub\components\Controller
redirect() humhub\components\Controller
renderAjaxContent() humhub\components\Controller
renderContent() Renders a static string by applying the layouts (sublayout + layout. humhub\components\Controller
renderModalClose() Closes a modal humhub\components\Controller
setActionTitles() Set a map that indicates what page title should be shown for the currently active action. humhub\components\Controller
setJsViewStatus() Sets some ui state as current controller/module and active topmenu. humhub\components\Controller
setPageTitle() Set the page title. humhub\components\Controller

Protected Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
forbidden() humhub\components\Controller


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EventTypeDescriptionDefined By
EVENT_INIT \yii\base\Event An event raised on init a controller. humhub\components\Controller

Property Details

$subLayout public property

The name of the sub layout to be applied to this controller's views. This property mainly affects the behavior of \humhub\modules\user\components\render().

public null|string $subLayout "@humhub/modules/user/views/account/_layout"
$user public property

The user

Method Details

getAccessRules() public method

Returns access rules for the standard access control behavior.

public array getAccessRules ( )
return array

The access permissions

getUser() public method

Returns the current user of this account

public humhub\modules\user\models\User getUser ( )
init() public method

public void init ( )