Class humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\CountrySelect

Inheritancehumhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\CountrySelect » humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\Select » humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\BaseType » yii\base\Model
Available since version0.5

ProfileFieldTypeSelect handles numeric profile fields.

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
addFieldType() Add new FieldType to stack humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\BaseType
addToProfileTable() Adds the new profile type to the profile table. humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\BaseType
beforeProfileSave() This method is called before the field value is stored in Profile table. humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\BaseType
delete() Deletes a Profile Field Type humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\BaseType
getFieldFormDefinition() Return the Form Element to edit the value of the Field humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\CountrySelect
getFieldRules() Returns the Field Rules, to validate users input humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\Select
getFieldTypes() Returns a list of all available field type classes. humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\BaseType
getFormDefinition() Returns Form Definition for edit/create this field. humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\CountrySelect
getLabels() Return array of Labels for Field humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\BaseType
getSelectItems() Returns a list of possible options humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\CountrySelect
getTypeInstances() Returns an array of instances of all available field types. humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\BaseType
getUserValue() Returns value of option humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\CountrySelect
loadDefaults() Load field type default settings to the profile humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\BaseType
loadFieldConfig() Loads the profile field type settings humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\BaseType
rules() Rules for validating the Field Type Settings Form humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\Select
save() Saves this Profile Field Type humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\Select
setProfileField() Links a ProfileField to the ProfileFieldType. humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\BaseType
validate() Validates a ProfileFieldType humhub\modules\user\models\fieldtype\BaseType

Method Details

getFieldFormDefinition() public method

Return the Form Element to edit the value of the Field

public void getFieldFormDefinition ( )
getFormDefinition() public method

Returns Form Definition for edit/create this field.

public array getFormDefinition ( $definition = [] )
return array

Form Definition

getSelectItems() public method

Returns a list of possible options

public array getSelectItems ( )
getUserValue() public method

Returns value of option

public String getUserValue ( $user, $raw true )
$user humhub\modules\user\models\User
$raw Boolean

Output Key