Class humhub\widgets\FooterMenu

Inheritancehumhub\widgets\FooterMenu » humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu » humhub\widgets\JsWidget » humhub\components\Widget » yii\base\Widget
Available since version1.2.6

FooterMenu displays a footer navigation for pages e.g. Imprint

Protected Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$entries humhub\modules\ui\menu\MenuEntry[] The menu entries humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
addEntry() Add new menu entry to the navigation humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
addItem() humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
addItemGroup() humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
deleteItemByUrl() humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
getActive() humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
getActiveEntry() Returns the first active menu entry humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
getEntries() Returns all entries filtered by $type. If no $type filter is given all entries are returned. humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
getEntryById() Returns the first entry with the given id humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
getEntryByUrl() Returns the first entry with the given URL humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
getFirstEntry() humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
getId() Returns the html id of this widget, if no id is set this function will generate an id if $autoGenerate is set to true (default). humhub\widgets\JsWidget
getItemGroups() humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
getItems() humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
getLayoutViewParams() Returns an array of view parameter used if \humhub\components\layout is set. humhub\components\Widget
getSortedEntries() Sorts the entry list by sortOrder and returns the sorted entry list. humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
hasMultipleEntries() Checks if this menu contains multiple entries of the given $type, or at all if no $type filter is given. humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
init() humhub\widgets\FooterMenu
markAsActive() This function provides static menu entry activation, by entry id or url. humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
markAsInactive() This function provides static menu entry inactivation, by entry id or url. humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
process() Process is a wrapper for the run method humhub\components\Widget
removeEntry() Removes the entry from the navigation humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
run() Executes the navigation widget. humhub\widgets\FooterMenu
setActive() Activates an entry by given id or url search string. humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
setDefaultOptions() Sets some default data options required by all widgets as the widget implementation and the widget events and initialization trigger. humhub\widgets\JsWidget
setEntryActive() Sets an menu entry active and inactive all other entries humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
setInactive() humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
setViewState() humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu
widget() Creates a widget instance and runs it. humhub\components\Widget

Protected Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
getAttributes() Returns all html attributes for used by this widget and will normally inserted in the widgets root html element. humhub\widgets\JsWidget
getData() Returns an array of data-* attributes to configure your clientside js widget. humhub\widgets\JsWidget
getOptions() Assembles all widget attributes and data settings of this widget. humhub\widgets\JsWidget
getViewParams() Returns the parameters which are passed to the view template humhub\widgets\FooterMenu


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EventTypeDescriptionDefined By
EVENT_CREATE humhub\libs\WidgetCreateEvent An event raised before creating a widget. humhub\components\Widget
EVENT_RUN \humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\MenuEvent An event raised before running the navigation widget. humhub\modules\ui\menu\widgets\Menu


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ConstantValueDescriptionDefined By
LOCATION_ACCOUNT_MENU 'account_menu' humhub\widgets\FooterMenu
LOCATION_EMAIL 'mail' humhub\widgets\FooterMenu
LOCATION_FULL_PAGE 'full' humhub\widgets\FooterMenu
LOCATION_LOGIN 'login' humhub\widgets\FooterMenu
LOCATION_SIDEBAR 'sidebar' humhub\widgets\FooterMenu

Property Details

$id public property
public string $id 'footer-menu-nav'
$location public property

Location of footer menu (e.g. login, mail, sidebar)

public string $location 'full'
$template public property

Template view file of the navigation

public string $template 'footerNavigation'

Method Details

getViewParams() protected method

Returns the parameters which are passed to the view template

protected array getViewParams ( )
return array

The view parameters

init() public method

public void init ( )
run() public method

Executes the navigation widget.

public string run ( )
return string

The result of navigation widget execution to be outputted.