Class humhub\widgets\TimeZoneDropdownAddition

Inheritancehumhub\widgets\TimeZoneDropdownAddition » humhub\modules\ui\form\widgets\JsInputWidget » humhub\widgets\JsWidget » humhub\components\Widget » yii\base\Widget

This input addition will add a time zone input dropdown field, which is hidden by default and a time zone link displaying the curren time zone value.

The time zone link will toggle the actual input field.

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
beforeRun() Initializes the widget. humhub\modules\ui\form\widgets\JsInputWidget
getId() Returns the html id of this widget, if no id is set this function will generate an id if $autoGenerate is set to true (default). humhub\widgets\JsWidget
getLayoutViewParams() Returns an array of view parameter used if \humhub\components\layout is set. humhub\components\Widget
getTimeZoneItems() humhub\widgets\TimeZoneDropdownAddition
process() Process is a wrapper for the run method humhub\components\Widget
run() Default implementation of JsWidget. humhub\widgets\TimeZoneDropdownAddition
setDefaultOptions() Sets some default data options required by all widgets as the widget implementation and the widget events and initialization trigger. humhub\widgets\JsWidget
widget() Creates a widget instance and runs it. humhub\components\Widget

Protected Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
getAttributes() Returns all html attributes for used by this widget and will normally inserted in the widgets root html element. humhub\widgets\JsWidget
getData() Returns an array of data-* attributes to configure your clientside js widget. humhub\widgets\JsWidget
getOptions() Assembles all widget attributes and data settings of this widget. humhub\widgets\JsWidget
getValue() humhub\modules\ui\form\widgets\JsInputWidget
hasModel() humhub\modules\ui\form\widgets\JsInputWidget


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EventTypeDescriptionDefined By
EVENT_CREATE humhub\libs\WidgetCreateEvent An event raised before creating a widget. humhub\components\Widget

Property Details

$attribute public property

The model attribute that this widget is associated with.

public string $attribute 'timeZone'
$toggleClass public property
public $toggleClass 'input-field-addon-sm colorInfo pull-right'
$withOffset public property

Whether or not to add offset information

public boolean $withOffset false

Method Details

getTimeZoneItems() public method
public array getTimeZoneItems ( )
return array

Of timezones with UTC offset, note that the result will be cached

throws Exception
run() public method

Default implementation of JsWidget.

This will render a widget html element specified by $container and $content and the given $options/$event attributes. This function should be overwritten for widgets with a more complex rendering.

public string run ( )