Custom Assets


Put your custom assets (e.g. images, fonts or javascripts) directly in the theme base directory.


  • /themes/mytheme-img (Images)
  • /themes/mytheme-js (Javascript files)
  • /themes/mytheme-css (CSS Stylesheets)
  • /themes/mytheme-font (Fonts)


You can access the assets using the [[humhub/components/theme]] component.


<a href="<?= Url::to(['/']); ?>"><img src="<?= $this->theme->getBaseUrl() . '/img/mylogo.png'; ?>" alt="My logo"></a>

Javascript and Stylesheets

In order to load additional CSS or JavaScript files in your theme, add them to /themes/mytheme-views/layouts/head.php


<link href="<?= $this->theme->getBaseUrl()  . '/font/nexa/typography.css'; ?>" rel="stylesheet">

Overwrite default images

You can also overwrite default images (stored in /static/img/) by placing a custom image with the same file name in your theme image directory.

If you want to replace the default user image as example, you need to create a file called default_user.jpg in your /theme-mytheme-img directory.