Migrating from the Enterprise to the Professional Edition

Upgrading from the Enterprise to the Professional Edition is unproblematic. However due to many changes from version 1.3.X to version 1.4, it requires some effort. If you follow these steps, you should get this done with ease:

  1. Create a BACKUP of you installation an your database IN EVERY CASE

  2. Update to the latest HumHub and "Enterprise Edition" module available (Administration -> Modules)

  3. Active your Professional Edition license key (Administration -> Information -> "Upgrade to Professional Edition")

  4. Switch to the default theme named HumHub (Administration -> Settings -> Appearance)

  5. If you're using any Enterprise Edition features, which require a config file entry e.g. SOLR search or JWT SSO, either comment those parts out or remove them completely.

  6. Disable and uninstall the module "Humhub Enterprise Edition"

  7. Use to HumHub Marketplace (Administration -> Modules -> Browse online) to install and activate the HumHub - Professional Edition features you want to use e.g. Enterprise Theme or Advanced Ldap.

  8. Revert to your usual Theme (Administration -> Settings -> Appearance)

  9. Some Professional Edition modules like SOLR search or JWT SSO may require updates to the configuration. You will find detailed instructions each module in our Marketplace