Professional Edition - Theme

Enable the Enterprise Theme

You can enable the HumHub Enterprise Edition - Theme by following steps:

  • Navigate to: Administration -> Settings -> Appearance
  • Select enterprise in the Theme dropdown menu
  • Click Save

Enterprise Theme Preview

Theme Customization

Note: This chapter only describes the differences between the standard theming and the Enterprise Edition.

Create custom Enterprise theme copy

The original enterprise theme is typically located at: protected/modules/enterprise/themes/enterprise

You can simply copy this folder to e.g. themes/MyEnterprise and activate it in the administration menu.

Before LESS compilation

To (re-)build your themes less files, make sure to modify the path variables @HUMHUB and @ENTERPRISE in the file e.g. themes/MyEnterprise/less/build.less before.

  • @HUMHUB - the absolute system path to the directory e.g. /var/www/humhub/static/less
  • @ENTERPRISE - the absolute system path to the enterprise edition directory e.g. /var/www/humhub/protected/modules/enterprise

Additional LESS variables

  • @ee-sidebar-width - the width of the left sidebar (defaults to: 250px)
  • '@ee-sidebar-elements-color' - the secondary color which is used for icons and space type titles

Note: Your theme might need to be migrated if a new HumHub or enterprise version comes out. This will not affect your custom themes thus your theme views might overwrite essential changes made in the HumHub views. To migrate your theme check the differences between your custom theme files (views, js, less) and the enterprise default theme files and adopt necessary changes.