Theme Migration to HumHub 1.3

Automatic stylesheet loading

The file yourtheme/css/theme.css is now automatically included into the HTML header.

Please remove following lines from the file yourtheme/views/layouts/head.php:

<link href="<?= $this->theme->getBaseUrl() ?>/css/theme.css" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="<?= $this->theme->getBaseUrl() ?>/font/open_sans/open-sans.css" rel="stylesheet">

Parent themes

Please refer to the Parent themes section for more information about the new @baseTheme variable. Using this technique will ease the update process of your custom theme.

Space & Profile Layouts and header

The sidebar handling of the content container layouts has changed.

Please check following view files for changes:

  • /protected/humhub/modules/user/views/profile/_layout.php
  • /protected/humhub/modules/user/views/space/_layout.php
  • /protected/humhub/modules/user/views/profile/home.php
  • /protected/humhub/modules/user/views/space/home.php

Also check the deprecation of humhub\modules\activity\widgets\Stream in case you've overwritten the space or dashboard layout.

Also the space/profile header files (Statistic section) has slightly changed.

Please check following view files for changes:

  • /protected/humhub/modules/user/widgets/views/profileHeader.php
  • /protected/humhub/modules/space/widgets/views/header.php

New Richtext

Added wrapper div comment-create-input-group to

  • /protected/humhub/modules/comment/views/comment/edit.php
  • /protected/humhub/modules/comment/widgets/views/form.php

Added wrapper div post-richtext-input-group to

  • /protected/humhub/modules/post/views/post/edit.php

Minor changes in the following less files:

  • static/less/comment.less
  • static/less/file.less
  • static/less/mentioning.less

Note: Those changes will be included by rebuilding your theme, as long as you did not exclude those files from your theme build.

Added static/less/richtext.less file.

This file contains the style of the new wysiwyg rich text editor and will be included by a theme rebuild. As with other less files this file can be excluded from your theme build by less variable @prev-richtext.