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Here you can learn more about the different ways of contributing to the HumHub platform. There are multiple opportunities for helping us improve the software, from simply giving us your feedback to contributing to the code base.

Be part of the community

Since we are a community driven software, we are very interested in your feedback and your specific HumHub use case. Be part of the community and let us know about your experiences with HumHub or share some of your ideas. Please keep in mind to always stay kind and patient, sometimes it may takes us some time to respond to your requests. Furthermore, only contact administrators directly if you really need to, we won't provide any kind of private support over the mail system.

If you are already an experienced HumHub user, help out other, less experienced users by providing support or directing them to the right resources. We appreciate any kind of community activity and are always in need of supportive community members.

Report issues and feature requests

One of the key benefits of an open source software is the possibility to openly discuss and report issues. HumHub uses GitHub as issue tracker in order to discuss issues as bug reports or feature requests and directly link them to the actual code base.

Besides the core platform, all of our official open source modules are hosted on github. Furthermore, there are repositories available solely for tracking issues of non open source modules as the Professional Edition as well as community contributed modules.

In order for us to help you with your problems, please follow the Support Guide and ideally add as many information as possible or even a worked out concept to your feature requests.

That said, feel free to open issues within the respective repository:

You can keep track of active and planned development here:

Be part of the translation community

Our translation community is responsible for maintaining the translation of HumHub and its modules into more than 40 languages. If you want to be part of this community effort, just register to the translation community and join the space dedicated to your language. Since the translation activity highly depends on the dissemination of a language we are always in need of contributors especially for rather rare languages. Before starting with the actual translation, please make yourself familiar with the current wording and terms already in use and if needed first discuss changes of such terms with your fellow contributors if possible.

Help enhancing the documentation

The documentation of a software project like HumHub can always be enhanced, be it by fixing the wording or spelling or adding missing parts. In case you notice any kind of text errors or infelicitous wording, please let us know in the HumHub Documentation repository. You can also directly fix such issues by means of the Edit this page link at the bottom of each guide, this requires a GitHub account.

Improve the community theme

You are a frontend developer or webdesigner, and you want to enhance the usability or overall appearance of the HumHub community theme? Feel free to suggest your changes or concepts in the main HumHub repository, or even create and share your own theme. In case you are not already familiar with the theming mechanism of HumHub, take a look at our Theming Guide.

Contribute to the core development

You can contribute to the core software by creating pull requests to the main HumHub repository. Either choose issues from our planned development project, or search for issues with the Require:Contribution label. Furthermore, you can have a look at open bug reports. In any case, please let us know before you are working on an issues in order to assign you to the issues, discuss possible solutions and avoid others working on the same issue.

Of course you can also suggest your own features, which usually should be discussed beforehand, especially in case of bigger changes and features.

New features should exclusively be directed to the develop branch, whereas bug fixes should be directed to the master branch.

Create your own modules and themes

Anyone with development experiences can extend the HumHub universe with his own ideas by implementing and sharing custom modules or themes. Please have a look at the Development Guide or Theming Guide for more information about how to create custom modules and themes. Note, that we can not integrate all community driven modules into our marketplace, but if you are confident your module will be a good fit for our marketplace, let us know at