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HumHub 1.10

Release November 2021

File Versioning API

One of these major improvements is the introduction of a File Versioning API. With this we expand the possibilities of developers by implementing the possibility to create modules with file versioning support. Of course, we want to lead the way by extending a module that is predestined for this - the Files module. The module supports file versioning from version 0.14.0, which is of course already available in our marketplace.

Enhanced Comments Section

To make the exchange of information within the network even more effective, we have created the possibility to directly link to individual comments. This way, users can easily draw attention to interesting comments and debates or refer to them in other discussions.

As many of you have certainly noticed, the climate for discussion has become noticeably rougher since the beginning of the pandemic. We have also received this feedback from many of our users. For this reason, we have decided to implement a function to lock the comments section. This should enable administrators to take the heat out of some controversial debates if they get out of hand.

Blocking System and Improved Mentioning

Within the same context is the new blocking system that we will be introducing with this version. Users are now able to block other users via their profile settings. Posts and comments from blocked users will become invisible. A user that I have blocked is no longer able to comment on my posts or send me private messages via the Mail module. Of course, this also affects the Notifications and Email Summaries.

In a completely opposite direction are the improvements we have implemented with regards to Mentioning, which focus on the ability to find users with whom I would like to communicate and debate. If a user now mentions another (with @User), a preselection is made, whereby the users involved in the debate are always listed first and then the members of the respective space.

And more..

  • Added Richtext editor for user approval emails
  • Instant suggestions for mentioning, removed minimum character requirement
  • Added option to return from impersonating a user
  • Added warnings when leaving pages with unsaved content
  • Ability to block users from certain spaces
  • Added indicator for available module updates into the main navigation of the admin panel
  • Added endless scrolling for 'People' and 'Spaces' sections
  • Numerous performance improvements

For a detailed list of all changes take a look into the Changelog.