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HumHub 1.13

Release December 2022

Content Creation

One of our goals for this version was to make the process of creating new content easier and to increase the use of modules. Modules can now be attached directly on top (right-hand side) of the stream editor and module content (e.g. polls, events, tasks) can now be created in various ways directly from the stream without changing to the module overview. The new feature facilitates the creation of different types of content, saves time and gives users an additional entry point for content creation.


Advanced Space settings

We are also introducing new possibilities with regards to individualizing Spaces. Administrators are now able to hide the ‘About’ page and the ‘Latest activities’ widget. The same goes for the ‘Follower’ and ‘Members’ overview. To make it as easy as possible, all this is now possible via the Space settings.

Open Graph support

Another new feature is the Open Graph support. This feature allows you to preview pages on other websites such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. This gives network operators the ability to more easily distribute and display content on multiple platforms, increasing engagement rates across the network.

And much more..

Of course, we have also included many other improvements, just to name a few:

  • Ability to remove all members of a Space
  • Possibility to show a list of all Members/Followers (‘About’ page)
  • SelfTest function for HumHub API connectivity
  • The Follow activity can be configured in the e-mail summaries

For a detailed list of all changes take a look into the Changelog.