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HumHub 1.15

Release October 2023

Reworked Marketplace

Our Marketplace has undergone a comprehensive redesign, aimed at enhancing its accessibility and efficiency. With this update, finding the necessary modules has become a faster and easier process. The Marketplace has been split into two distinct sections for enhanced functionality. The "Marketplace" section facilitates a seamless process for users to install, activate, and configure modules thereby optimizing the setup procedure. The newly introduced "Modules" section within the admin panel serves to simplify both module management and configuration, specifically for modules that are already installed.

Space Sort Order

A notable addition to the functionality of Spaces is the newly introduced feature that allows administrators to customize the sorting and arrangement of Spaces according to their preferences. This feature represents a significant enhancement in terms of administrative control over user navigation within the network. By granting administrators the capability to organize Spaces according to specific needs and priorities, this update ensures a more tailored and efficient experience for all network users.

Online Status

One of the key enhancements in our latest release is the ability to see which members of your network are currently online. This feature significantly improves engagement rates and makes real-time interactions smoother. Users can now easily identify online contacts, which helps them initiate timely conversations, collaborate efficiently, and ensure quicker responses. This feature simplifies communication by eliminating uncertainty about the availability of network members, enhancing overall network efficiency and effectiveness.

And much more...

  • Enh #2590: Possibility to add a dropdown button to upload audio, image or video file type
  • Enh #6409: Redirect to the invited space after registration
  • Enh #6130: Added default settings for space creation
  • Enh #6369: Don't pin draft and scheduled contents on dashboard
  • Enh #5718: Use Select2 plugin for all drop-down list fields
  • Enh #2590: Improved media upload from mobile devices
  • Enh #29: AutoStart Tour for new users
  • Enh #6375: Improved performance with runtime cache
  • Enh #6400: Enhanced security through CSP nonce activated by default
  • Enh #6472: HumHub Richtext Editor enhancements (e.g. Code Editor, Source View, Tab Handling)

For a detailed list of all improvements take a look into the Changelog.