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HumHub 1.9

Release July 2021

Directory Rework - 'People'


Before this update, users and spaces were listed in a relatively basic common directory. For new users, it was difficult to find the right people and the right subject areas/spaces. In order to increase the visibility and accessibility of both, we will split the directory into two separate sections and integrate both into the main navigation.

The new section dedicated to 'People' presents users in a new dynamic card design. Information on each single user is now displayed in a simple and compact manner. Administrators can individualize the cards for their particular use case on the basis of the available profile data. To boost the visibility of individual users' strengths, user tags are prominently displayed on the cards. Individual users can connect with each other directly from the directory using the integrated options for following or sending friend requests.

To further foster the targeted search for relevant colleagues and members, we have also implemented new search, filter and sorting options. Administrators are now able to specify individual profile fields to serve as filters within the new directory. This is also possible with individually created profile fields within the respective profile field settings.

Directory Rework - 'Spaces'


The card design is of course also integrated in the new section dedicated to spaces. Likewise, we have also added new search, filter and sorting options. All information is at your fingertips and users can easily follow or join spaces directly from the overview. In order to minimize the required effort, the information on the cards is sourced directly from the short description of the space in question. With these new features, we are sure that users will find the right people with the right know-how and interests in the right spaces much faster than before.

Administrators now have the option to reset email summary or notification settings of users which have already been changed

Administrators can now easily change or reset the settings regarding email notifications and summaries for all users via the admin panel. This also applies to settings already overwritten by users.

Allow to Follow users independent of Friendship state

Users are now able to befriend other users but unfollow them. This will result in the friendship being preserved but the notifications about the content of the friend concerned will be disabled.

And more..

  • Default time zone can be set for non-logged-in users
  • New Command Line Features: Delete users & Add possibility to register purchased modules
  • New Space module setting to allow all users to add users without invite
  • Partial support for images in email notifications added
  • Various performance improvements
  • New Tag Picker Input Widget for Space / User Profiles.
  • LDAP: New skip list to exclude incorrect DNs from import.

For a detailed list of all changes take a look into the Changelog.