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Modules & Marketplace

Module Installation

Modules can be easily installed and updated via the integrated Marketplace.

Administration -> Modules -> Browse Online

Own custom modules or modules that are not available in the official Marketplace can also be unpacked directly into the protected/modules folder. In this case, however, the database migrations at the page Administration -> Information -> Database page must also be performed.

Purchased Modules

Purchased modules can be activated via the Administration -> Modules -> Purchase page.

They are then available for installation in the Browse Online tab.

Firewall / Whitelist

If the HumHub server does not have a direct or filtered internet connection, the following options are available:

  • Setup a HTTP Proxy Server (Administration -> Settings -> Advanced -> Proxy).

  • Whitelist HumHub API Endpoints. Following hosts and must be accessible with HTTPS (443) protocol.

  • Disable Outgoing Marketplace connections. See configuration options