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The built in search system is used for:

  • Directory
  • People/Space Search
  • Content Search
  • User/Space Picker Widgets

Content Search - Index Rebuilding

If you want to rebuild the search index (e.g. after updating/restore backup), you have two methods:


Log in to your HumHub with an administrator account and go to the following section: Administration -> Information -> Database.

On this page click on the button "Rebuild search index". The process can take several minutes.


To start the rebuild job, you need to run following command:

cd /path/to/humhub/protected
php yii content-search/rebuild

File Content Indexing

In order to allow also indexing of file contents (e.g. PDF, Word or PowerPoint document) you can specify file parsers in your configuration.

We recommend Apache Tika as parser software which supports thousand of different file types.

Example configuration:

    return [
// ...

'modules' => [
// ...

'file' => [
'converterOptions' => [
'humhub\modules\file\converter\TextConverter' => [
'converter' => [
'cmd' => '/usr/bin/pdftotext -q -enc UTF-8 {fileName} {outputFileName}',
'only' => ['pdf']
'cmd' => '/usr/bin/java -jar /srv/www/var/lib/tika-app-1.18.jar -maxFileSizeBytes=67108864 --text {fileName} 2>/dev/null',
'except' => ['image/', 'application/x-tar', 'application/zip', ]