Updating HumHub

Before you update

Prior to an update, always check the compatibility of custom modules and your theme, especially for major version updates. For each new release (except maintenance releases) there will be a theming and module migration guide available:

Additional migration notes:


Always backup your data before updating

Manual Update

  1. Backup your installation (you will need these files later!)

  2. Delete your current HumHub installation

  3. Download the latest HumHub package from https://www.humhub.org/download and extract the package to your web-root

  4. Restore the following files from backup:

    • /uploads/*
    • /protected/config/*
    • /protected/runtime/searchdb/*
    • /protected/modules/*
    • /themes/*
  5. Run database migration tool within @humhub/protected:

php yii migrate/up --includeModuleMigrations=1
  1. Flush caches
php yii cache/flush-all

If you are using APC(u) as cache backend, you may also need to restart your web server.

  1. Update installed marketplace modules within @humhub/protected:
php yii module/update-all

Automatic Update

The HumHub Updater Module enables updates of your HumHub platform in just a few clicks and without any technical knowledge.

  1. Administration -> Modules -> Browse online
  2. Choose HumHub Updater and click 'Install'
  3. Switch to 'Installed' Tab
  4. Choose HumHub Updater and click 'Enable'
  5. Select in left navigation: Administration -> Update HumHub
  6. Follow the updater steps

Keep your updater module itself up to date, otherwise new versions may not be available for you


The Update module can not be used in git based installations