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HumHub is using to provide an interface to pluggable authentication providers.

Implementing own AuthClients

Please see for more details.

HumHub Specific Extensions

Optionally your custom client can implement following interfaces to provide additional HumHub features.


Use interface (humhub\modules\user\authclient\interfaces\ApprovalBypass) to skip user approval for new users.


The interface (humhub\modules\user\authclient\interfaces\AutoSyncUsers) the HumHub cronjob will execute the AuthClients syncUsers method hourly to create, update or delete existing users.


By using the interface (humhub\modules\user\authclient\interfaces\SyncAttributes) interface - you can define user attribute (e.g. profile fields) to be automatically updated by the AuthClient and cannot be changed by the user.


A user can only belongs to one (humhub\modules\user\authclient\interfaces\PrimaryClient) AuthClient.

Example for PrimaryClients:

  • Standard Password Authentication
  • LDAP