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Change existing features

This guide describes some techniques available for custom modules to change or extend the behavior of existing features.

The following list shows an overview of most of the events available in the HumHub core:

  • Integrity:

    • IntegrityController::EVENT_ON_RUN
  • AbstractRichText:

    • AbstractRichText::EVENT_POST_PROCESS
    • AbstractRichText::EVENT_BEFORE_OUTPUT
  • BaseStack:

    • BaseStack::EVENT_INIT
    • BaseStack::EVENT_RUN
  • BaseMenu:

    • BaseMenu::EVENT_INIT
    • BaseMenu::EVENT_RUN
  • Searchable:

    • Searchable::EVENT_SEARCH_ADD
  • Search:

    • Search::EVENT_ON_REBUILD
  • FileHandlerCollection:

    • FileHandlerCollection::EVENT_INIT
  • humhub\modules\installer\Module:

    • humhub\modules\installer\Module::EVENT_INIT_CONFIG_STEPS // How to even use this?
  • humhub\modules\installer\controllers\ConfigController:

    • humhub\modules\installer\controllers\ConfigController::EVENT_INSTALL_SAMPLE_DATA
  • Stream:

    • Stream::EVENT_BEFORE_RUN
    • Stream::EVENT_AFTER_RUN
  • StreamQuery:

    • StreamQuery::EVENT_BEFORE_FILTER
  • BaseClient:

    • BaseClient::EVENT_UPDATE_USER
    • BaseClient::EVENT_CREATE_USER
  • humhub\modules\user\authclient\Collection



Widget events are often used to extend view components as menus and forms. Here are some use-cases for widget events:

Extend menus

Widgets based on humhub\widgets\BaseMenu and humhub\widgets\BaseStack can be intercepted and extended by means of the `humhub\widgets\BaseMenu::EVENT_INIT]] event. Please see the Sidebars and Snippets section for useful examples of such event handlers.

Overwrite widget classes

In order to completely replace a widget implementation you can use the humhub\components\Widget::EVENT_CREATE as follows:


'events' => [
['class' => SomeWidgetIWantToOverwrite::class, 'event' => Widget::EVENT_CREATE, 'callback' => [Events::class, 'onCreateSomeWidget']],


public static function onCreateSomeWidget($event)
$event->config['class'] = MyOverwriteWidget::class;

Note: Your replacement widget have to support the same fields as the original widget.

Append widget content

In some cases you may want to append or otherwise manipulate the output of a widget. For this use-case you can listen to the yii\base\Widget::EVENT_AFTER_RUN event. The following example appends the output of MyWidgetToAppend to the result of SomeWidgetIWantToExtend:


'events' => [
['class' => SomeWidgetIWantToExtend::class, 'event' => Widget::EVENT_AFTER_RUN, 'callback' => [Events::class, 'onSomeWidgetRun']],


public static function onSomeWidgetRun($event)
$event->result .= MyWidgetToAppend::widget();

Module Interfaces

Some Modules as for example the Calendar Module provide interfaces in order to facilitate its features.


See Overwrite Module Behavior in the javascript guide.

Embeded Theme

Your custom module can be bundled with custom themes, please see the Theme - Module Integration section for more information.