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All additional features of the Professional Edition can be easily installed and updated as desired through the integrated Marketplace.

Once your HumHub installation is activated as a Professional Edition, the modules marked "Professional Edition - Feature" are available.

If the Professional Edition is cancelled, the modules are automatically deactivated and must also be uninstalled.

You can also find an overview of all Professional Edition modules in our Marketplace.


More information about the features can be found in the respective module descriptions.


Advanced LDAP

In addition to the basic LDAP functions included in the Community Edition, the Advanced LDAP module provides many other additional features.

  • Map LDAP users automatically to a Space or Group
  • Synchronize attached LDAP profile images
  • Support for multiple LDAP servers/connections

Enterprise Theme

In addition, the Professional Edition offers the Enterprise Theme with a completely new theme layout.

Translation Manager

Easily modify and control used translation messages and available languages.

  • Search and modify individual translation messages
  • Restrict available languages for your users
  • Automatically search and replaces specific phrases (coming soon)

Feature list

Below you can see a complete overview of the currently available Professional Edition modules that are available in the Marketplace.