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Managed Hosting (SaaS)

It is possible to subscribe to the HumHub Professional Edition with a SaaS option. Our team will take care of the operation, maintenance and backup of your HumHub installation.


You can always migrate to an OnPremise installation later on. But we are also happy to import your existing installation into our infrastructure. Just contact our helpdesk for this.


To create a hosted HumHub with us, simply create an installation at our Demo Hosting.

Each installation starts here with the free Demo Plan (maximum 5 users) and can be upgraded to Professional Edition Hosting at any time later.


The name of your hosting cannot be changed after the installation is complete.

Humhub version updates

While demo installations are automatically updated to the latest stable HumHub version, an update of Professional Edition SaaS installations must be requested from our helpdesk.

Please see Administration -> Cloud Hosting -> Request Humhub upgrade for details.


If you use your own modules or themes, you should test them on a local environment before updating.

A Humhub update is free of charge.

Backup & Export Data

Please see Administration -> Cloud Hosting -> Export data for details

Migrate to On Premise

1.) Install and setup a Humhub system with the same version locally

2.) Download the provided data package and extract it to a temporary folder

3.) Replace the folder /uploads.

4.) Replace the database (A full database dump is stored in the folder runtime/dbbackup.sql.gz)

5.) Delete the file /protected/config/dynamic.php and empty the folder protected/runtime/.

6.) Rebuild the search index

cd protected
php yii search/rebuild

7.) Reinstall modules

cd protected
php yii module/update-all

8.) Restart the webserver and test the installation

GDPR & Terms of use

Please see:

  • Administration -> Cloud Hosting -> Data privacy
  • Administration -> Cloud Hosting -> Terms of use

Custom Domain

You can also use your own domain with our SaaS offer. For this you have to create a nameserver CNAME entry.

For this domain, a Letsencrypt SSL certificate is also automatically generated within 2 hours.

Please see Administration -> Cloud Hosting -> Custom domain for more details.


Since CNAME records are only possible for subdomains, only domains like are possible.

Force Custom Domain

You need to prepend the following code block in your localconfig.php file to force that all requests are redirected to your own custom domain name.


$forwardedHost = empty($_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST']) ? '' : $_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST']; 
if (!empty($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']) && (empty($forwardedHost) || $forwardedHost === '')) {
header("Location:". $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);

// ...

Make sure to replace "" with your domain name. After this modification your default URL e.g. is not longer available.

Custom modules & themes (SFTP)

It is possible to upload own modules or themes to your server instance via SFTP. HumHub core files cannot be modified.

Please see Administration -> Cloud Hosting -> SFTP for details


Uploaded modules/themes should always be tested in advance on a local test system with the same HumHub version. If required, we can also provide you with a Professional Edition Test Key here. Please contact our Helpdesk.

Configuration Files

Some specific settings in HumHub require customization via the HumHub configuration files.

This is also possible with SaaS hosting. To do this, an SFTP connection must be established and the file in the root directory localconfig.php must be modified.

The file localconfig.php is the equivalent of the file /protected/config/common.php if you run HumHub yourself.

New: To adjust configurations which correspond to the file protected/config/web.php, the file /localconfig-web.php can now be modified.