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Build custom CSS package

Since HumHub 1.2 it is recommended to use the theme.less and variables.less files to define your custom theme styles and build your theme.css file by compiling the build.less file.

Create custom LESS file

The build.less will automatically import all required .less files of your HumHub project and your theme less files in the following order:

  1. Default variables /static/less/variables.less
  2. Default mixins /static/less/mixins.less
  3. All default components and definitions /static/less/humhub.less
  4. Theme variable overwrites /themes/Example/less/variables.less
  5. Theme mixins /themes/Example/less/mixins.less
  6. Theme definitions/overwrites /themes/Example/less/theme.less

If you wish to overwrite default theme variables as text and background colors, just copy and edit your variables from humhub/static/less/variables.less into your themes variables.less file.

Info: All variables defined in variables.less can also be accessed in your views by calling Yii::$app->view->theme->variable('myVariable');, and are used in the mail views by default.

Parent themes

Since HumHub 1.3 you can define a @baseTheme variable in order to specify a parent theme. Using this technique both theme css will be loaded in your views. In case your parent theme includes new changes they will automatically be available without rebuilding your child theme. Another advantage of this technique is, that you don't have to copy the parent themes view files unless you require changes in those views.

The theme component will try to find a view in the following order:

  • Child theme view
  • Parent theme view
  • Core theme view

You can add the parent theme by adding following line to your less/variables.less file.

For themes based on the standard community edition theme:

@baseTheme: "HumHub";

For Enterprise Edition based themes:

@baseTheme: "enterprise";

Note: After configuring a base theme, you can delete all unmodified view files from your derived theme's /views folder. The views will be automatically loaded from the base theme.

Compile CSS package

If you are using the command line tool lessc, you can build your theme as follows:

lessc -x themes/Example/less/build.less themes/Example/css/theme.css

or respectively by using grunt:

grunt build-theme --name=Example

Info: For compiling your less file, there are also other alternatives like WinLess or SimpLESS.

Prevent default component file imports

If you wish to exclude a specific default component file defined in humhub/static/less/humhub.less, you can overwrite certain variables to prevent the file import in your build.

By setting for example the variable @prev-login: true; in your theme.less or variables.less file, you can prevent the inclusion of the default login.less file into your theme. This approach can be handy if your theme requires major style changes for a default component.

Here is a list of all imported default components and the corresponding variables used to prevent the import:

  • base.less - Base Html definition - @prev-base
  • topbar.less - Topbar definition - @prev-topbar
  • login.less - Login view and modal - @prev-login
  • dropdown.less - Topbar definition - @prev-dropdown
  • media.less - Bootstrap media objects - @prev-media
  • installer.less - Installer definitions - @prev-installer
  • pagination.less - GridView Paginations - @prev-pagination
  • well.less - Bootstrap well - @prev-well
  • nav.less - Navigations - @prev-nav
  • button.less - Buttons - @prev-button
  • form.less - Forms - @prev-form
  • notification.less - Notification module definitions - @prev-notification
  • badge.less - Badges - @prev-badge
  • popover.less - Bootstrap Popovers - @prev-popover
  • list-group.less - List Gorups - @prev-list-group
  • modal.less - Bootstrap Modals - @prev-modal
  • cards.less - Cards in Spaces, People and Modules Page - @prev-cards
  • modules.less - Modules Page - @prev-modules
  • tooltip.less - Jquery UI Tooltips - @prev-tooltip
  • progress.less - Progress bars - @prev-progress
  • table.less - Table definitions - @prev-table
  • comment.less - Comment Module definitions - @prev-comment
  • gridview.less - Gridviews - @prev-gridview
  • oembed.less - oEmbed definitions - @prev-oembed
  • activities.less - Activity Module definition - @prev-activities
  • stream.less - Stream Module definitions - @prev-stream
  • space.less - Space Module definitions - @prev-space
  • file.less - File Module definitions - @prev-file
  • tour.less - Tour Module definitions - @prev-tour
  • mentioning.less - User Mentioning definitions - @prev-mentioning
  • loader.less - Loader Animation definitions - @prev-loader
  • markdown.less - Markdown - @prev-markdown
  • sidebar.less - Sidebar definitions - @prev-sidebar
  • datepicker.less - Datepicker definitions - @prev-datepicker
  • user-feedback.less - User Feedback as Status bar etc. - @prev-user-feedback
  • tags.less - Bootstrap tags - @prev-tags
  • ../css/select2Theme/build.less - Select2 Theme - @prev-select2