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Migration Guide

Here you will learn how you can adapt existing themes to work with the latest HumHub versions.


Theme Builder

If you are using a theme created with the Theme Builder module, you only need to save the Stylesheet again with the latest HumHub version.

Go to the page Administration -> Theme Builder -> Select your theme -> Stylesheet and click Save and Rebuild Stylesheet.

Custom Stylesheets

Since HumHub version 1.2 you simply need to rebuild your theme stylesheet. All changes or additions will be automatically applied to your theme.

Note: If you disabled any default component import (Prevent default component file imports) you may need to manually these adapt new changes.

View Files

As mentioned in the View Files section, you may need to manually adjust overwritten view files if there are any changes made in the new HumHub version.


This Community Wiki Guide might help you to identify template changes more easily.

Required changes


  • On individual templates based on the enterprise-themes it may be necessary to disable the new lazy loading of the space chooser views/layouts/main.php. Change: <?= Chooser::widget(); ?> to <?= Chooser::widget(['lazyLoad' => false]); ?>


  • The "Directory" section has been removed and replaced with new "People" and "Spaces" pages.


No breaking changes.


Wall Stream Entry

HumHub 1.7 introduces two new wall entry layouts, the old entry layout was deprecated. In case your theme contains adjustments of the old wall entry layout, make sure your changes are compatible with the new entry layouts. Otherwise a theme rebuild should be sufficient.

Themes build with HumHub 1.7 can facilitate a new @link color variable, which is used for inner content links and special links as comment/like within the stream entries. Prior to 1.7 such links used the @info color which currently still is the default color for the new link variable. For example, you may want to consider choosing a darker link color by setting @link: darken(@info, 5%).


There were some major changes in the Comment module. Please check any overwritten templates if you've made any changes here.

Otherwise, besides minor LESS/CSS optimizations, there are no changes relevant to custom themes.


No breaking changes.


Please rebuild and test your theme prior to a production update. Even though there were no major theme related changes introduced in HumHub 1.4, you may have to test overwritten views and new UI features. The following migration guide lists some changes as well as new features which may affect your custom theme.

Note: In case you notice other problems with your theme, please let us know in the community or on github!

Page Icon

You can now upload your page icon under Administration -> Settings -> Appearance -> Icon upload. Your icon should have a minimum height and width of 256px and one of the following formats: png, jpg.


HumHub 1.4 comes with a build in PWA support. In case you've manually added some of the following head or meta tags, please remove them from your theme, they will be added automatically.

Remove all icon and web app related head tags such as:

  • <link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="57x57" href="<?= $this->theme->getBaseUrl(); ?>/ico/apple-icon-57x57.png">
  • <link rel="icon" type="image/png" sizes="192x192" href="<?= $this->theme->getBaseUrl(); ?>/ico/android-icon-192x192.png">
  • <link rel="manifest" href="<?= $this->theme->getBaseUrl(); ?>/ico/manifest.json">

Remove Metatags:

  • apple-mobile-web-app-title
  • apple-mobile-web-app-capable
  • apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style
  • mobile-web-app-capable
  • msapplication-TileColor
  • msapplication-TileImage
  • msapplication-TileImage
  • theme-color
  • application-name

View file mapping

The automatic mapping of view files to modified files has been improved with a much more generic approach. More details can be found in the Views chapter of the theme documentation.

The old mapping is still supported until at least version 1.5. But we recommend to upgrade your theme as soon as possible.

Icon abstraction

HumHub 1.4 comes with an icon abstraction widget. Direct usage of font awesome classes are deprecated.

Instead of <i class="fa fa-arrow-up"></i> use:

<?= Icon::get('arrow-up')?>

Other examples:

<?= Button::info()->icon('cloud-upload'); ?>

Oembed styles

Version 1.4 enhanced the oembed styling, now you can use following styles in order to align your oembeds:

.oembed_snippet[data-oembed-provider=""] {
padding-bottom:0 !important;
margin-top: 0;

CSP Rules

HumHub 1.4 added a default Content Security Policy Header. Even tough the default header is not very strict, you should test external theme resources as scripts, style sheets or fonts of your custom theme.


There is a new print.less less file which fixes and includes further print style enhancements. As with all included less files you can omit this by setting the @prev-print less variable to true. There are some further print style enhancements added to stream.less and profile.less

Space and Profile Header refactoring

The space and profile header has been refactored, old views should still work, but should be migrated to the latest version. You can now define the banner and profile image size and ratio by means of the following theme variables:

  • space-profile-banner-ratio default 6.3

  • space-profile-banner-crop default 0, 0, 267, 48

  • space-profile-image-ratio default 1

  • space-profile-image-crop default 0, 0, 100, 100

  • user-profile-banner-ratio default 6.3

  • user-profile-banner-crop default 0, 0, 267, 48

  • user-profile-image-ratio default 1

  • user-profile-image-crop default 0, 0, 100, 100

Reloadable scripts

You can now configure scripts which should be reloadable by means of the humhub\modules\admin\Module:$defaultReloadableScripts module configuration as follows:

return [
'modules' => [
'admin' => [
'defaultReloadableScripts' => [

Mobile enhancements

There were many mobile view enhancements and fixes introduced in HumHub 1.4, therefore test your theme on a mobile a device after the theme rebuild.

Mobile swipe

The mobile view now supports a left swipe in order to display the sidebar. This behavior can be deactivated under Administration -> Appearance -> Use the default swipe to show sidebar on a mobile device.

Minor changes overview

  • Chng:Removed jquery-placeholder asset and dependency
  • Chng: Removed atwho asset and dependency
  • Chng: Removed old IE support
  • Chng: Added jquery.atwho.modified.css to mentioning.less
  • Chng: Minor changes in notification/views/index.php
  • Chng: Refactored widget/views/panelMenu.php
  • Chng: Use of new WallEntryControls in modules/content/widgets/views/wallEntry.php
  • Chng: Removed static/temp.css, moved required form style to form.less
  • Chng: Removed italic text from summary mail of comment and content activities for better readability
  • Enh: Editable ['twemoji']['path'] config parameter
  • Enh: Added isFluid LESS variable for automatic HTML container handling
  • Enh: Added show password feature for password form elements
  • Enh: Use of colored required input field asterisk


Automatic stylesheet loading

The file yourtheme/css/theme.css is now automatically included into the HTML header.

Please remove following lines from the file yourtheme/views/layouts/head.php:

<link href="<?= $this->theme->getBaseUrl() ?>/css/theme.css" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="<?= $this->theme->getBaseUrl() ?>/font/open_sans/open-sans.css" rel="stylesheet">

Parent themes

Please refer to the Parent themes section for more information about the new @baseTheme variable. Using this technique will ease the update process of your custom theme.

Space & Profile Layouts and header

The sidebar handling of the content container layouts has changed.

Please check following view files for changes:

  • /protected/humhub/modules/user/views/profile/_layout.php
  • /protected/humhub/modules/user/views/space/_layout.php
  • /protected/humhub/modules/user/views/profile/home.php
  • /protected/humhub/modules/user/views/space/home.php

Also check the deprecation of humhub\modules\activity\widgets\Stream in case you've overwritten the space or dashboard layout.

Also the space/profile header files (Statistic section) has slightly changed.

Please check following view files for changes:

  • /protected/humhub/modules/user/widgets/views/profileHeader.php
  • /protected/humhub/modules/space/widgets/views/header.php

New Richtext

Added wrapper div comment-create-input-group to

  • /protected/humhub/modules/comment/views/comment/edit.php
  • /protected/humhub/modules/comment/widgets/views/form.php

Added wrapper div post-richtext-input-group to

  • /protected/humhub/modules/post/views/post/edit.php

Minor changes in the following less files:

  • static/less/comment.less
  • static/less/file.less
  • static/less/mentioning.less

Note: Those changes will be included by rebuilding your theme, as long as you did not exclude those files from your theme build.

Added static/less/richtext.less file.

This file contains the style of the new wysiwyg rich text editor and will be included by a theme rebuild. As with other less files this file can be excluded from your theme build by less variable @prev-richtext.


Use of new Theming

HumHub 1.2 introduced an enhanced theming structure, which allows you to overwrite only the style definitions you want to change. This leads to smaller and cleaner themes without the need to manually maintain each small style change or addition of a new release. Please refer to the Theming Guide for more details about the new theme structure.

Note: You can still use your old theme, but you'll have to maintain your theme manually as before. You should at least create your themes variables.less file as described in the following, since these variables are used within your mails.

The steps below, describe how to merge your old theme to the new theming structure:

  1. Download HumHub 1.2.
  2. Copy your theme folder to humhub\themes of your HumHub 1.2 project folder.
  3. Copy the following directory into your theme humhub\themes\HumHub\less.
  4. Seperate your theme variables into humhub\themes\yourTheme\less\variables.less. Use the new variable names used in humhub\static\less\variables.less.
  5. Ideally, only add the differences between your theme and the default theme to humhub\themes\yourTheme\less\theme.less.
  6. Build your theme with lessc -x build.less ../css/theme.css.

If your theme overwrites major parts of the defalt theme, you can disable the import of some default less files by setting variables as for example @prev-login: true; to disable the import of humhub/static/less/login.less. Please see the Theming Guide for more information about this technique.

Info: You should rebuild your theme after each HumHub release to adopt new theme changes automatically.

Info: If your theme directory resides outside the themes directory, you'll have to edit the @HUMHUB variable within the build.less file to point to the static/less directory of your HumHub v1.2 directory.


The new stream javascript rewrite requires some additional data-* attributes, which have to be added in case your theme overwrites one of the mentioned files.

Please check the following files for changes, in case your theme does overwrite those files:

  • protected/humhub/modules/stream/widget/views/stream.php
  • protected/humhub/modules/content/views/layouts/wallEntry.php

The same applies to the activity stream:

  • protected/humhub/modules/activity/widget/views/activityStream.php
  • protected/humhub/modules/activity/views/layouts/web.php

Legacy Themes

Old themes, should check the following file for changes:

  • humhub/themes/HumHub/css/theme.deprecated.less

Note: This file will not be maintained in the future.


In v1.2 we introduced the pjax js library for faster partial page loads. Pjax enables us to navigate through the site without the need of full page loads. If Pjax is enabled (default) it has an impact on how your javascript is executed.

In Yii Javascript files are only loaded and executed once per full page load, therefore if you include code which makes use of for example $(document).ready, this code is only executed once if pjax is enabled, even if you navigate to another page.

For this purpose you can either listen to $(document).on('humhub:ready',...) which is fired after a full page load and pjax page loads, or preferably implement a humhub module with an init function for your initialization logic.

You can also disable pjax by using the following configuration param in your protected/config/common.php:

return [
'params' => [
'enablePjax' => false,

Note: Since pjax provides a major performance boost, you should consider merging your Theme to the new pjax logic.


  • We cleaned up the themes main.php
  • Add 'top-menu-nav' to main.php layout. This is required for pjax page loads.
  • We added the icon definition etc to the themes head.php

The old ekko lighbox was replaced by the blueimp gallery. If your theme does overwrite a view with gallery images, you'll have to use the new data-ui-gallery attribute instead of the data-toggle and data-gallery attributes. Please check the following files:

  • modules/file/widgets/views/showFiles.php
  • modules/space/widgets/views/header.php
  • modules/tour/views/tour/welcome.php
  • modules/user/widgets/views/profileHeader.php

JS Rewrite:

The JS Rewrite removed many inline script blocks from views and uses the new Javascript Module System with data-* attributes. Many UI Components and Widget had been rewritten.

  • General Rewrite:
    • modules/like/widget/views/likeLink.php
    • modules/admin/views/setting/design.php
    • modules/space/views/create/invite.php
    • modules/space/views/membership/invite.php
    • modules/comment/widget/views/showComment.php
    • modules/files/widget/views/showFiles.php
    • modules/post/widget/views/post.php
  • Richtext rewrite:
    • modules/comment/widget/views/form.php
    • modules/comment/views/comment/edit.php
    • modules/post/views/post/edit.php
    • modules/post/widget/views/form.php
  • UserPicker rewrite:
    • modules/admin/views/group/edit.php
    • modules/admin/views/group/members.php
    • modules/content/widgets/views/wallCreateContentForm.php
  • TabbedForm:
    • modules/admin/views/user/add.php
    • modules/admin/views/user/edit.php
    • modules/user/views/account/_userProfileLayout.php
    • modules/user/views/account/_userSettingsLayout.php
  • Space Picker
    • modules/admin/views/group/edit.php
    • modules/admin/views/setting/basic.php
    • modules/search/views/search/index.php
  • Refactored:
    • modules/search/views/search/index.php
  • Pjax
    • modules/tour/widgets/views/tourPanel.php
  • Notification:
    • modules/notification/widget/views/overview.php


  • Make sure to update your themed less file with the latest version. In the upcoming 1.2.x releases we'll split the 'theme' less file into multiple files, to simplify this process.

  • There were also many view file updates this release, please check changes (e.g. diff) of your themed versions. We are constantly reducing view complexity to ease this process.

Important changed views:

  • Logins (Standalone / Modal)
  • Registration
  • Main Layout


The following line was added to the HumHub Base Theme Less/Css file due to a Bootstrap update:


As you know, HumHub based on the Yii Framework. In the new 0.20 release, the Framework was changed from Yii 1.1 to Yii 2. With this change the style.css in webroot/css/ was removed and from now all styles are merged in the theme.css under webroot/themes/humhub/css/.

Follow this steps to migrate an older theme ot 0.20:

  1. Get the latest style.css here and copy it to webroot/themes/yourtheme/css/

  2. Open the file head.php in /themes/yourtheme/views/layouts/

  3. Remove this code snippet:

    <?php $ver = HVersion::VERSION; ?>

  4. To load the old style.css, insert this code to the first line:

    <link href="<?php echo $this->theme->getBaseUrl() . '/css/style.css'; ?>" rel="stylesheet">

  5. Change the structure of all reference calls for your additional theme files from:

    <link href="<?php echo Yii::app()->theme->baseUrl; ?>/css/theme.css?ver=<?php echo $ver; ?>" rel="stylesheet">


    <link href="<?php echo $this->theme->getBaseUrl() . '/css/theme.css'; ?>" rel="stylesheet">

  6. Check if everything works well, and fix optical issues at your theme file, if necessary.