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Git Repositories

This section describes the organization of Git Repositories for Modules in GitHub/GitLab environments operated by HumHub.


If a public module release is planned and possible in a timely manner, changes can be comitted (PR) directly in the master Branch. (If no active develop branch exists.)

Before making changes in the develop branch, make sure that it is up to date, since this branch is not always used in the regular maintenance and development of the modules.


Even though the HumHub core currently follows its own versioning scheme, modules should rely on Semantic Versioning.

Increase required minimum HumHub Version

If a feature necessarily requires a newer HumHub Core version than the one specified in the current modules.json, at least the Minor Version Part of the module must be increased. (Changing the patch level is not sufficient in this cases.)

If the required HumHub Core version has not yet been released, the change must be made in the develop branch of the module.

Additionally the new minimum version of HumHub should be added in the docs/ file.

New Version Marketplace Releases

Steps to release a new module version:

  1. Merge develop into master (if applicable)
  2. Add release date to docs/ and check version number in module.json.
  3. Create a Git tag for the new version e.g. git add -a "1.1.0" -m "Release 1.1.0"


For modules that are translated via our translation service on

  • The message files MUST NOT be generated automatically using the yii message command.
  • Modifications to the message files may only be made via the site.