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In order to extend or alter the behavior of some features, your module can listen to class level events as for example:

  • Widget events
  • ActiveRecord validation,save or delete events
  • Application events
  • Controller events

Events are configured within your modules config.php file as described in the previous section. Module event handler should ideally reside in an extra Events class, especially if you plan multiple event handlers. In simpler cases events handlers may be implemented directly within the Module class itself.

See Event Handler for an overview of core events.

Register event listener

Example event section of the config.php file:

'events' => [
'class' => \humhub\widgets\TopMenu::class,
'event' => \humhub\widgets\TopMenu::EVENT_INIT,
'callback' => [Module::class, 'onTopMenuInit'],


Example of event callback:

public static function onTopMenuInit($event)
'label' => "Example",
'icon' => '<i class="fa fa-tachometer"></i>',
'url' => '#',
'sortOrder' => 200,